Fotografiska / Rhinoceros 3D


110.00 Euro
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The conference room of the of the Fotografiska museum in Stockholm has been re-created in 3D to the last detail. All objects like chairs, projectors, lamps, heaters, wooden planks and others have been modelled with attention to detail in Rhinoceros. On request the Fotografiska 3D model can as-well be ordered for the UNREAL ENGINE with textures and shaders.

Easy download

The Rhinoceros 3D file including textures is compressed into a ZIP archive.


If You have questions we can gladly help You.

100% original

All our 3D models have been modelled 100% in Rhinoceros by us.

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Format 3dm Rhinoceros 5.0, 6.0
Geometry NURBS, Polysurfaces
Textures Included (Rhino, Vray)
Size 40 MB