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Design doesn't create beauty, beauty origins from selection, affection, integration, love.

Louis Kahn
The individual RHINO Training assists You to transfer Your ideas to reality. The professional experience in world's leading architecture, design offices as at leading university institutions ensure a high grade of specialized expertise.
We help You to explore the world in 3D and to master the construction and workflow in Rhinoceros. The RHINO Training services offer a large spectrum of workshops, ranging from the beginner level up to a highly skilled professional level for groups, individuals and university institutions. Book workshop


Architecture- Art
Buildings, Sculptures


Product- Automotive
Products, Vehicles


Jewellery- Fashion
Jewellery, Haute Couture


The details are not in the details. Those create the design.

Charles Eames
Based on ideas, sketches or technical drawings, objects are being transferred into a 3D geometry. Specific Rhinoceros tools are used for this process.
The knowledge about geometry, coordinate systems, 3D tools and many more is being thought and shaped. Import as export modules are explained and demonstrated.

There are three feedbacks on a design object - yes, no and WOW! WOW is the one you should be looking for.

Milton Glaser
Geometry in form of design objects or architectural constructs is being analysed and optimised for individual purposes on a Rhinoceros basis. Data can be precisely extracted from the 3D model.
To those belong geometry optimizations for the digital production as 3D printing or laser-cutting. Furthermore for example as-well the rational fragmentation of whole façade systems for construction.

Through mistakes you can grow. First you must be bad, in order to become good.

Paula Scher
A subdivision surface (subdivided surface) is in computer graphics a smooth as continuous surface, which is created from a control polygon-mesh. The subdivision of those surfaces defines a smooth and organic definition of form.
In specific for organic designs like the field of automotive and jewellery design, the Sub-D modelling has huge benefits. A simple control polygon-mesh is deformed as subdivided and automatically converted to fluid forms.(T-Splines, Clayoo)

A designer knows he reached perfection, not when nothing can be added any-more, but when nothing can be subtracted.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Parametric design enables the formulation of complex design possibilities, whereby all the construction steps are dynamically inter-connected and influence each-other.
Repetitive steps and mathematical procedures can be automated and controlled through parameters. Design variations can be efficiently adjusted with parameter settings.(Grasshopper)

Digital design is like painting, except, that the colour never dries.

Neville Brody
In principle renderings are used for the photo-realistic showcasing of 3D constructed designs. Light hits objects with assigned materials and reflects the information about light and surface.
Renderings or animations can be used for internal design evaluations as external presentations. Additionally the 3D designs can be transferred into the Virtual Reality.(V-Ray)

Our strengths

Expert knowledge

The expert knowledge is reflected in our professional experience over the past 15 years. The work on very diverse projects of different disciplines has strengthened our knowledge spectrum in many ways.

Problem solving

Problem solving and tangible solutions for specific problems is our strength. We are perfectly informed about the newest plug-ins and diverse software packages and do gladly offer consultancy.


Our motivation is being confirmed by the positive feedback from our clients. Each client shall be able to directly use the new knowledge gained at the end of the RHINO Training workshops.


Diverse persons in different industries require individual support. We acknowledge this fact and support You as good as we can.


The RHINO Training workshops are in principle being held in German or English. Spanish, Slovenian, Croatian are optional languages for the workshops.


At the RHINO Training workshops we try to answer and coherently explain each depending question of the participants. We focus on targeted communication as a method to transfer knowledge.


All fields require input.
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